creative bouquets

A Wedding Bouquet: How to Choose the Wedding Flowers

A wedding bouquet is one of the most significant accessories for any bride. You can buy it in a special shop or make it with your own hands. There are no special rules for choosing the wedding flowers, but there are some tendencies that can be rather helpful. The shape and the color are considered to be the most important features. We recommend you to choose the flowers that don’t [...]

hairpin with flowers

Short Hair: Useful Tips for Brides

More and more girls and women of all ages prefer short haircuts as they are practical and easy to take care of. This type of hairstyle will help you to look fresh and elegant. But at the same time most brides would like to look more feminine. There are many ways to combine convenience and beauty so that result will impress everyone. Firstly, there is a great amount of accessories [...]

airy cakes

Creative Wedding Cakes

Every couple is concerned about all the things connected with the special event: the wedding ceremony, the bride’s dress, the decorations and, of course, the wedding cake. It can be called the most remarkable cake, and it should look and taste special. It goes without saying that you have to order such cake beforehand. It is wonderful when the cake looks beautiful but it is even better if it looks [...]

floral wedding candles

Wedding Décor: Pay Attention to Every Detail

Wedding decorations imply a lot of things: beautifully draped pieces of furniture, various accessories, much space, candles, amazing floral compositions and many other things. The aim of the decorators is creating the unforgettable atmosphere of love and happiness. Another essential point is that the decorations should reflect the preferences of the couple. One of the most important aspects is draping. Tables, chairs and even walls look much more attractive if [...]

bridal accesories

How to Choose the Bridal Accessories

Though a veil is one of the main bridal attributes, wedding jewelry, handbags, gloves, headdresses and other various elements are very important either. Well-chosen accessories are capable to create special accents or change the initial impression of the wedding dress. Accessories finish the image of the bride – they create the individual style of a bride and help to express her personality. A long lacy veil which is fixed with [...]

wedding podium - branches, leaves and flowers

Wedding Podium – Top 12

Wedding podiums are one of the brightest elements of a wedding decoration – it is a symbol of a happy and serene family life. Wedding podiums or stages can be the highlight of your wedding ceremony decoration and can give the area a special solemn and chic look. The purpose of a wedding podium is to indicate where a bride and a groom belong. A wedding podium can be placed [...]

dark wedding dress

Colourful Wedding Dresses

It is believed that colorful wedding dresses are suitable for brides who like to play with traditional looks. In fact, it is not so true: according to the oldest tradition from many centuries ago it was usual for the bride to wear her best dress on the wedding day, so any color and any material could be possible. It still is true today – the bride should be the most [...]

starfish wedding invitation

Marine Style Wedding Invitations

It is very common today to organize a wedding in some unusual style. One of the possible solutions for future spouses is to decorate their wedding in a marine style. It may be a simple celebration in a hall decorated according to the marine style or even a wedding on the desk of a ship. Apparently wedding is one of the most important events in the life of most of [...]

pearl jewelery

Amazing Wedding Necklaces

A wedding dress without jewelery will definitely look incomplete. Even if in everyday life you categorically reject rings and necklaces, you will have to change your ways to triumph during your wedding. There can be a long argument about how appropriate luxurious necklace would look with a wedding dress. However, complete absence of jewelry should be avoided. The main function of wedding jewelery is to draw attention to the neckline [...]


Teardrop Shaped Engagement Rings: The Divine Beauty

Teardrop Shaped Engagement Rings are the ones with a tear shaped gem in the center of the ring. These tear shaped rings are different due to their shape. The typical round shaped rings have become very monotonous and need a replacement. They are commonly found and are overused in ceremonies since olden times. These new shapes of rings are much needed in order to break the mould and bring something [...]